Three cuts in the lagoon

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”Te Rangi i totongia aTamatekapua”- The day the blood of Tamatekapua was shed

I started the Sunday very early with English breakfast (I like beaked beans) and went to the first ferry to Rangitoto. I enjoy the crossing over the foaming sea, passing Devonport and the saylors, the salty wind and the shining sun,… it looks like a perfect day for discovering the Island. I want to be at the top of the Crater, till it´s getting hot. The Rangitoto erupted from the sea in a series of dramatic explosions around 600 years ago. This makes it to the youngest islands in the Hauraki Gulf. My time frame will be closed at 5pm.And I don´t want to say to me fine arts Professor: “Sorry I´m late, but I had to sleep on the Island, because I lost the last ferry.“ So I rush for a speed hiking tour, because I´ve undertake to achieve the neighbor Island Motutapu. And I do everything what is possible to compass my goals. I reached the awesome summit lookout on the top of the crater to the neighbor islands and the skyline of Auckland. Sabrina a Swiss girl asked me if I´m a German, because I´m wearing a Deuter backpack. Well.. we walked a long distance together, having fun and much to tell until literally we parted ways. I hiked on the wreck bay track to Islington Bay and reached finally Motutapu causeway. Now I treat myself to a break and some sandwiches. I have to radio water, two liter in a milk bottle are not enough, while black volcanic rocks reflecting the sun and roasting me through the ozone hole.
It´s impressing seeing the those plant diversity grown up only from seats brought by wind and birth in only 12 humans living. My heard felled in imported rage seen at the neighbor island Motutapu is totally cutover for meadows land for cows. I hope these cows can be happy grassing in paradisic panorama.
I hide back to Rangitoto on the coastal track and found a dream beach.*Ahrr* and I had to rush for the ferry, but a varied landscape reward me. I walked through volcanic desert like Frodo on the way to Mount Doom. And I would strayed one bend in the coast track later in primeval forest if there were not small flags in the trees.
I saw a Laguna with mangrove enclosed from volcanic rocks and could not walk past. I want to swim in the sea ultimately. I walked carefully through the rocks, reached the save beach…and slit my feed on a volcanic stone as I recognized that it was mangrove swamp. *unpleased*.
Well Rangitoto literally means in Maori ”Te Rangi i totongia aTamatekapua”.


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