11-15.09.12 George Fraser Gallery



Visitors in my lightinstallation




Installation „Sanctum Illuminis“

I want to make receivable what remains hidden under normal conditions by trying to transform the transcendence into a preceivable from and enlighten your perceptions in interactions with our environment.

The viewer can experience the light in a transparent object in his own environment separate from the space.
I /the viewer limited by a transparent membrane impossible to get lost in space and to be one with the light. But he can make the experience of limited environment in the transparent perception light tunnel and the change of perception point of view while going in another tunnel. These double shere swing with the viewer recall on light- and waves tibetan bowls. The sheets features shapes on the floor like volatile light transparent sculptures. The space is filled with the spectral colors like the chacra which in the center they add up to white fluorescence.
The tertiary color in the middle is fluorescence white and makes the viewer illuminated.



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