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Coming up

Meine interaktive Lichtinstallation „Elements“ ist noch bis zum 18.3 von 18-24Uhr im Trianon auf der Mainzer Landstraße 16 Frankfurt am Main zu sehen (Haltestelle: Taununsanlage). Ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch!


Lichtmovefestival 6-12 Oktober 2015

Lichtung 29.10-3.11.2015, Pressemitteilung der HAWK


Meisterschülerprüfung 7.2015

Link: Dresdner Musikfestspielseite 20.5-10.6.2014


Pressespiegel hier

in der Gläsernen Manufaktur Dresden (skriptmanufaktura 06.2014)


 Diplom im Oktogon der HfBK (Sächsische Zeitung 06.2013)

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 Artist Statement

As a photographer and designer I work with sources of natural light as well as light installations.
I examine the changes of natural spectral colours generated from light reflections and artificial self build LEDS. My own physical move, the move of the light source and the time involved in this process are important for my experimental photography called „light painting“.
By trying to transform the transcendent into a perceivable form I want to make observable what remains hidden to the human eye under normal conditions. I examine potential and illusions of perception. I intent to involve the observer actively in my light installations, light paintings and integrated sounds to become an essential protagonist of the artistic performance through which the observer in the position to elaborate sensory, emotional and cognitive perceptions.
I am interested in exploration of the process of crossing boundaries involving expansion of space and exploration of the nature of time exposed in visual medium. I enjoy getting to know people from different nations and cultural backgrounds, delving into their philosophies, experience life in different countries and photographing conservation areas.


My article in a the Catalogue 2012 of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems, IKTS.
I´m proud to be the first artist with statement for 20 years with a full photo page in these Germany-wide annual report. The animated english Artist Statement from these Article is under it.
See the exhibition with video : IKTS Galerierundgang.

©2012 Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden



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