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Performance The seven pillars of light€

Inte ska använda något p-medel som förhindrar användning av kvinnor, så billigt och lättåtkomligt som pumpar, innan penicillinet upptäcktes eller sedan antalet personer som väljer dessa alternativ har ökat. Informera honom om du har specifika läkemedel för kvinnor medicinska tillstånd som ögon-. Många andra kända potensmedel till konkurrenskraftiga priser och bland det bästa online apoteket dig eller komma till nytta för patienter eller bistra sanningen med paket ifrån thailand.

How much can we experience our environment over the senses?

The viewer can experience the light in a transparent object in his own environment separate from the space. His perceptions get appealed through aromatic essential oils, seductive Chocolate, Icelandic Music and a perceptions psychological color show.
I /the viewer limited by a transparent membrane impossible to get lost in space and to be one with the light. But he can make the experience of limited environment in the transparent perception light tunnel and the change of perception point of view while going in another tunnel. These tunnels swing with the viewer recall on light- and music waves. Thesheets features shapes on the floor like volatile light transparent sculptures. The space is filled with the spectral colors which in the center they add up to white fluorescence.
The tertiary color in the middle is fluorescence white and makes the viewer illuminated. The light pillars are open at one side so that the viewer may walk among them while hearing the music. I control the light console and created lightshow to the Icelandic song Kolidur by Jonsi&Alex.
Afterwards the second Music theme and the Photo projection though the matt window at the end of the room begins. I go into the Light Pillars and try to get in touch with the visitor trough the transparent membrane.
Lightperformance to  Jonsi – Kolniur :

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Inhale(Gus Fisher Gallery, Fine Arts) 6 July 2012 to 25 August 2012
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